The Art and Science of Great Smiles

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What Sets Us Apart

meet dr mcannally

Our single-minded focus is you!

We strive relentlessly so “you can be the best that you can be.”

Experience you can trust

Experience is your guarantee. Our cumulative orthodontic and dentofacial orthopedic experience is 225 years. Including Dr. Kuhta and Dr. McAnnally, we total ten team members, so our team member’s average experience is 25 years. We have successfully completed treatment for over 20,000 patients, including just about every difficult correction imaginable.

Our emphasis on facial esthetics - Treatment that insures you look your very best!

Our practice is focused on maximizing facial aesthetics, optimizing jaw relationships, and widening smiles. When both jaw and dental relationships are correct, the face looks its best. It’s fair to say, “The face is like a latex mask stretched over the underlying hard structures, such as the jaws, facial skeleton, and teeth.”

Successful treatment of TMJ disorders and muscle tension headaches for over three decades.

Our emphasis on dentofacial orthopedics lends itself well to the management of TMJ disorders, MPD myofascial pain disorders, and CMD craniomandibular disorders. When the teeth are not in their correct positions, they (the teeth) can force the jaw out of its correct position. See TMJ disorders and Dentofacial Orthopedics.

The midwest's #1 Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® provider - Our experience is your guarantee!

We have long been the largest Invisalign provider in the Midwest and one of the largest Invisalign providers in the United States for a decade.

Patient-focused digital technologies

We are fully computerized and nearly paperless in both our clinical and clerical areas. Digital diagnostic records, photography, low exposure radiography, diode laser, computerized treatment planning, and computer aided appliance fabrication are a few of the digital technologies we employ. We also use a large touch screen digitized Smart Board to facilitate treatment planning and patient communication.

Convenient central location in Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb counties

We are conveniently centrally located in the Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb tri-county area at 50 W. Big Beaver Road, about 100 yards east of Woodward Avenue on the south side of W. Big Beaver Rd.

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